Conquer your Pain in 9 Steps

Conquer Your Pain in 9 Steps: Building the mindset and team you need to suffer less and achieve more - Carole Staveley

en I saw Conquer Your Pain in 9 easy Steps I contacted Carole and asked her if I could review it, I’m so glad I did. Carole had struggled with chronic pain for 13 years before she was finally able to formulate a plan that helped her to not only deal with her pain but to return to an athletic life as a tri-athlete! WOW. Carole has written us this book to show us how she managed this, she guides us through her plan and offers encouragement and support throughout.

The book is divided in three sections, the first is about finding your ‘why’. Why do you want to feel better, and I don’t mean just to ‘feel better’ but why? Carole helps you to figure this out with her help, guidance, and her use of real world case studies, both her own but also of others she has worked with. Next up she guides you through the myriad of issues you will encounter from the medical profession, she shows how to find the right people to support you, both professional and not. As well as how to ask the right questions. Finally she helps you to persevere and put everything into practice.

The last couple of chapters guide you on how to become a tri-athlete if that’s your goal. Not mine admittedly but maybe yours?

I loved Carole’s tone throughout, at no point is she condescending, she is friendly and encouraging and explains her points thoroughly using not only her own experiences but quotes and case studies of others too.

I did find some of the chapters irrelevant for me in the UK, as we don’t have much choice on doctor’s or the hospital’s we can use, known as the postcode lottery over hear. Our choices depend on where we live. Apart from that, this is a book well worth reading for both patient and medical professional alike.

Overall, if you or anyone you know, lives with chronic pain this is a must read!


NB I Reveived this book free for an honest review