Alice takes back Wonderland

Alice Takes Back Wonderland - David D. Hammons

If I’m honest I found Alice Takes Back Wonderland difficult to get into. The author has taken many of the childhood stories that we all know and love and written them for an adult audience. I’m not entirely sure if I agree with this or not. The whole thing felt like stealing to me as the stories stayed remarkably close to the originals, leaving little originality.

The book was good in places I’ll agree but it left me bored more often than not, there wasn’t much character or even plot development as that was left to our own childhood memories of the original stories. I didn’t particularly like how a lot of our favourite characters had been vilainized and the portrayal of Pinocchio left me rather upset.

Really not sure who I would recommend this too sorry.


NB I Reveived this book free for an honest review