Hexad: The Factory

Hexad: The Factory - Al K. Line

ere’s a time travel book that will have your head spinning! Hexad: The Factory is one weird story. Imagine deciding that there is time travel and to prove it you dig up the proof, which you have left in the garden ten years later! That confusing enough for you?

Ok so yeah, this story basically says that in 10 years time they will come back to tonight and bury proof in the garden which you will dig up in the morning. Well anyway that’s basically it, except things get a lot more complicated when you add in all the Paradox’s and parallel universes and such. This really is one confusing story to follow.

Having said that though, I loved it! I had to use my brain and really think about Amanda and Dale’s actions, could this happen, what would happen if they did such and such? Fascinating.

Amanda and Dale are both great characters, they are well-developed and very easy to relate to.

Overall, you really need to be a lover of time-travel and sci-fi to enjoy this book, otherwise I think it might get a little too confusing. Enjoy


NB I Reveived this book free for an honest review