Two for the Road

Two for the Road (Stories in Pairs Book 3) - Ekta R Garg

wo for the Road is the third set of story’s from Ekta Garb, and they do not disappoint. This third book introduces two completely new stories, and characters. The first ‘Excess Baggage see’s an exhausted Allison returning from a business trip and wanting to just flop out and relax. But when her bestie call’s asking her to put up her sister and boyfriend until they fly of to Spain, relax is one thing totally of the menu! Next up was ‘Wrong Way’ where we meet Rachel and Jim, they are travelling down to Florida to ‘check on’ Jim’s mother. Rachel is NOT happy with the plan and feels Jim is over-protective of his mother.

Boy could I relate to Wrong Way! As always Ekta’s story’s are well written, and well paced, you get the feeling that these characters are your friends, and the story’s are really happening for real. I know Wrong Way happens in my family plenty enough!

Ekta has a way with words that can pull you into just about any story she could think up, making it real. Her story’s are basically about real life.

If you’ve not ready any then I suggest you check this book out. Enjoy.


NB I Reveived this book free for an honest review