The Vampire, The Hunter and The Girl

The Vampire, the Hunter, and the Girl - Martin Lastrapes

As the first in Martin’s Trilogy, The Vampire, the Hunter and the Girl follows Olivia, Jesus and Adam as they develop their relationships and occasionally work against each other. We learn a lot about how Vampires live and stay hidden in our society, but sadly that may be the best thing I can say.

All three main characters are developed fairly well, making it easy for me to understand their actions and emotions, but I felt the constant and repetitive flash backs annoying, I found myself skipping through pages often, which is NOT how a fictional book should be. Not to mention the unnecessary back story of the minor characters, Darlene for one.

The plot is interesting, a little slow for my liking, but it does include some exciting and often a little scary elements. The romance between Olivia and Mike, and later Jesus’s jealousy.

If you like a paranormal story then you might like this. Enjoy.


NB I Reveived this book free for an honest review