Yours Truly, 2095

Yours Truly, 2095 - Brian Paone

Not the best Science Fiction book on the planet, but Yours Truly, 2095 certainly had me thinking. The story follows Jeff who wakes up in 2095 after a conspiracy from the future. He has to learn to live in this new world, with all its changes of technology and the way of living with his android ‘wife’ Jo. While simultaneously learning about the conspiracy and fighting to find his way back to the 1980’s.

Jeff is an interesting character, who takes his enforced time travel at lot calmer than I would! He is reasonably well-developed, but I would have liked to know more about who he really is. I wasn’t really able to connect with him as well as I would have liked. Henry however is not so well-developed, but still likeable, Jo, the android ‘wife’, is an interesting concept. I loved how her changes affected her behaviour, but they left a few to many questions for me.

The plot is interesting to say the least, I’m not sure how believable it is; no greenery  and only artificial plants? If that’s what’s to come, no thank you. Having said that, I loved the idea of the daily news tab thing, the flying cars and some of the other technical advances, but again believable? I don’t know, maybe. The story is well paced with some romance, intrigue and excitement which kept me hooked throughout.

I think this is a great book for a Science Fiction fan, possibly a younger one. Enjoy.

NB I received this book free for an honest review