Discovering the It Factor in You

Discovering the It Factor within You: Developing Your Charismatic Personality - Leesa Rowland

When I was asked to read Discovering the It Factor Within You, I agreed hoping that I would learn how to improve my life somehow; Leesa’s book definitely provided me with some useful information. And based on events since reading the book, I can honestly say she’s right!

I found the reading a little hard going at times, as the writing is what I would call heavy. To the extent that I have to admit I skimmed passed one or two chapters. One in particular where I found myself arguing with the author profusely. I’m sorry but I just didn’t agree with her point of view at all. Well we can’t all agree with everything can we?

Leesa talks a lot about her life and experiences throughout the book, illustrating her points very clearly, and I have to say thoroughly. A little too thoroughly at times, for me, but making her points really stick!

Did you realize that we all have the It factor? Nope me neither, seems it is common that most of us have it but have little idea on how to use it. The authorpoints this out repeatedly and shows us a few ways to actually bring them out in ourselves. Easy ways too. I tried a couple and landed a radio slot completely by accident! So I will vouch for this book.

Overall, a good book, a little heavy and repetitive at times but well worth checking out. Enjoy