What Happens in Cornwall

What Happens in Cornwall... - T.A.   Williams

What happens in Cornwall by T.A. Williams is a well paced insight into the life of Sam, a PHd archaeology student. Although predominantly about Sam, there are a host of other characters who’s lives are also interesting and add depth to the story.

All the characters are well developed, enabling you to feel the enormous myriad of feelings felt by Sam, as well as the excitement from Becky and Virginia, the fear induced by Miles and the life and strife of being a famous millionaire.

I loved the sub-stories weaved into the book, which not only added dimension to the book itself but also showed the authors diverse writing abilities. Not to mention his research..

The main underlying story is about Rock Island and the archaeology found there, The author researched his subject well and taught me a lot about the history of the island. I now want to visit it for myself, for the historical interest.

This book could easily keep anyone entertained and informed, so I highly recommend it. Enjoy.

NB I received this book free for an honest review.