Forgotten Origins Trilogy

Forgotten Origins Trilogy - Box Set: Bloodline, Heritage, Descent - Tara Ellis, Katie Beitz, Melchelle Designs

Forgotten Origins Trilogy comprises of Tara’s 3 books Bloodline, Heritage and Descent. Sadly I wasn’t able to read the entire book s time for this review, but I did manage to read Bloodline… LOVED IT!! I am rushing to make time to read the rest!

The story is fast paced at times, and very exciting, I found myself panicking for the characters a lot, often verbally. It was entirely believable, I would think an event like this could be entirely possible.

I loved Alex’s relationship with her brother, that kind of relationship doesn’t happen often in life, so even though they are fictional it was still lovely to All the characters and the events are very well defined making it very easy for me to connect and imagine myself involved – although, I’d rather not be thanks.

The mystery is well thought out and keeps you guessing, making for a real page turner.

Overall a great read for anyone really, especially if you love a good sci-fi or mystery. Enjoy.


NB I received this book free for an honest review