American Specter: The Seven Sisters

American Specter: The Seven Sisters - Rasheeadah Prioleau I thoroughly enjoyed this book, it had me glued the entire way through. The story was well paced, absorbing and full of suspense.

Set in America, in a sleepy little village, where the living and spectres live together peacefully. It begins with an unexplained murder, which has Audra - an FBI agent- is sent to solve. The story follows Audra and her team, along with the local sheriff as they piece together the plot, and more importantly, to Audra at least, the motive.

This was not the first, there had been other very similar murders and attempted murder of Kenya, her sister, who had been in a coma for 13 yrs.

Science fiction, crime and mystery all in one book. I highly recommend reading if your looking for a nice easy but all absorbing read.