Searching for Summer

Searching for Summer - Christine   Campbell I loved this book, not least because it shows a Social Worker who is no better at parenting than anyone else. The entire story had me itching to turn the page wanting to know what happens next. Just be warned this is a “non put downer” so don’t start reading at bed time or, like me, it’ll be a very late night.

The characters are all brought to life, not least Mirabelle herself who comes across as voluptuous, colourful and more than a little eccentric. Although she’s so different, Christine portrays her so well you can imagine her living in your town.

There are places where you’ll be crying and others when you’ll laughing – running to the hospital in nightie and slippers had me doing both during the passage.

When she is getting impatient at the police station, you can really feel it coming across, I was watching the clock too, not sure if that helped!

So overall a good read, emotional and well executed, enjoy it…