The Commons: Book 1: The Journeyman (Volume 1)

The Commons: Book 1: The Journeyman (Volume 1) - Michael Alan Peck Exciting, fast paced story I think is the best way to describe the first book in the Commons series. I enjoyed it because it kept me thinking, what happens to the character, will they make it. I was even shouting warnings at the book, totally scaring my poor cat! The story follows three strangers who are each on a journey, one that seems them cross paths and affect another’s journey.

Sadly though I wasn’t overly keen on how the book jumped from one person to another, as I was a little confused in places as to who was where or when. It would work if this book was made into a film though.

You have to love little the little lad though, although he has special needs, he shows us that he is as clever and quick witted as any of us. I thought Michael portrayed his Autism very tastefully.

Overall a great read I’d recommend to anyone.

NB: I received this book free in return for an honest review