Zenlp: The Power to Succeed

Zenlp: The Power to Succeed - Murli Menon This book is an interestingly different take on Zen meditation and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) from Murli Menon. It is aimed primarily for managers but I believe anyone could benefit.

The book starts out by explaining - in great detail, first what Zen meditation and NLP are and why managers would benefit from its use in the workplace. It then goes into a lot of detail of the techniques to be used.

Although the concept is good, I don't think the delivery really works. If you think this is a book that will have short introductions with clear action steps and guided meditations, then I'm afraid you will be sorely disappointed. If however you are more interested in the Zen Buddhist philosophy you will find it enriching and empowering.

The book is laid out in chapters with each 'learning point' explained through the use of stories.

Overall its a good book, just not for me.