Seventh Night

Seventh Night - Iscah Seventh Night by Iscah is a book well written. Although I wouldn't choose to read a Fantasy, this is one that could change my preferences.

The story is full of intrigue, excitement, twists, suspense and much more. If you're looking for an engaging read to settle down with, you would not be disappointed in this book. I thoroughly enjoyed it and hope Iscah writes more.

So anyway, the story: Boy meets girl, he warns her of danger but she ignores him, he then rescues her. As they are both travelling to the same place, they continue together. On arrival, the boy discovers he has escorted Seventh Night, the Prince's bride! At dinner, the Prince is poisoned and so the boy and others leave to find a sorceress whom they hope can heal him. Do they find her? Can she help?

More strange things happen, indicating a conspiracy to stop the wedding. But who and Why? Eventually Seventh Night is kidnapped by giant birds and a search party, which includes the boy, are sent to find her. Where was she taken? and most importantly WHO took her and WHY?

There are lots of questions all of which are answered in the book so enjoy the read, you won't regret it.