The Defence of Troia

The Defence of Troia - Anita Saunders, Jeff Palley, Neil Port Defence of Troia From Neil Port is a gripping tale of love, war and loyalty, and needs to be on your reading list. This is the second episode of the Paladin Chronicles, but can be read alone as the first chapter is a summation of the first episode. When I first opened The Defence of Troia I was a little worried whether or not I would like it you see the first thing I thought of when seeing the first few pages was The Hobbit and I've never managed to read that, I did read this one, and I have to say it was an effort well rewarded.

By effort I'm saying this is not one of those books you can read on 'auto pilot', you do need to think about it while reading. I did get lost and confused a few times, but once reading on I was able to piece things together. I will be reading this at least once more, to pick up anything I missed the first time.