The Many Lives of Ruby Iyer

The Many Lives of Ruby Iyer - Laxmi Hariharan I could imagine everything that happened in this book, the heat of the sun, the terror, and the love portrayed throughout the book was very well thought out and made to sound real. In fact the whole thing came across as plausible, which in its self is a frightening thought. It would be beyond awful if something like this really did happen.

Iyer was by far the most interesting character, the portrayal of her fear, love and subsequent understanding ensured I went through plenty of tissues. Vikram is another interesting character, at first he seems aloof and it's difficult to figure him out, but as the story progresses you learn more and more about him and his feelings. Finally is Dr B. and least said the better, she is one evil piece of work.

Overall, I enjoyed the book and would recommend it to pretty much anyone.