The Kingdom on the Edge of Reality

The Kingdom on the Edge of Reality - Gahan Hanmer intriguing and mildly educational this book makes us really consider if our way of life is better now than that in the middle ages.  This is a good mix of modern-day life and beliefs intermingled with that of a couple hundred years ago. I am no historian but I believe the historical references correct.

Although we are told people went to this new land voluntarily and are told they can leave at any time, but really how? To me they are brought in on false pretenses and due to no outside communication or transport and being surrounded by hundreds of miles of desert they are in fact trapped! When they arrive all their clothes, and other possessions are burned or otherwise destroyed and are expected to fit in and live in a much different environment.

Jack was my favourite character as through him we can live through all the insecurities, fear and questions he had, and learned along with him just what it would be like in the middle ages. He constantly questions his new way of life and government in just the same way we do today.

Overall, I think I'll stay here in the 21st century thanks very much