Haunted Love

Haunted Love - Jessica Frances What can be said about Jessica Frances' Haunted Love other than WOW! You will need your tissues at the ready.

Do You like a good Ghost story? This is for you.

Do you like a nice little romance? This is for you

Maybe you enjoy getting stuck into a mystery? This is for you

How about a crime story? This is for you.

I'm not kidding Haunted Love has something for everyone and some. The story will evoke some deep emotions, as I said earlier you Will need those tissues, I was howling in places, then rolling around laughing in others, confusing my husband and embarrassing myself to boot. I suggest a private read maybe.

Haunted love is well written, perfectly paced, and the characters, both human and ghost are well described and believable. Paragraphs alternate between Ethan in first person, and Thea in first person, not something I like generally, but Jessica worked it perfectly so the story followed through without any repeats or back tracking. This way of writing made the characters far more interesting too.

So this book really needs to be on everyone's to read list!