Scent of the Soul

Scent of the Soul - Julie Doherty I thoroughly enjoyed Julie Doherty's Scent of the Soul. This #book had me glued throughout, never wanting to stop to do those mundane things like sleeping and eating. Historically correct, I believe, but at the same time exciting, intriguing and full of suspense.

We are with Breagh throughout her ups and downs, and feel that she is one of our friends. You want to step in and help her. My husband thought I'd gone mad when I started telling Somerlad how stupid he was! I couldn't believe the turmoil that Breagh endured, and how she managed to remain so strong, she is a role model for us all.

I'm not sure that some of what Breagh goes through is entirely historical, or just artistic license. Some parts seemed more fantasy than fact to me, this didn't detract from the underlying story though, instead added to it.

My one gripe - the sudden ending! It just stopped, and right at a key point too, almost like Julie got bored and decided to publish as is. I would like to believe this was to leave an opening for a sequel, I hope there is one and soon please.