Fighting for Keeps (A Brookhollow Story)

Fighting for Keeps (A Brookhollow Story) - Jennifer Snow This is the 5th in Jennifer’s Brookhollow series, and sadly I have not yet had the privilege of reading books 1 to 4. This didn’t cause me any real problems as Fighting for Keeps could just as easily be a stand alone romance. The story can seem a little far fetched and sickly if not written well, this one is written exceptionally well. I could easily imagine a MBA boxer giving up his career for the love of a good woman and her adopted children. Noah is really just a soft hearted sweetie beneath all the brawn.

Lindsay is very well described, her feelings and emotions are easy to believe, who of us would cope with not only bereavement but suddenly becoming mum to such young children, and not just one or two, but FIVE! I know I could never have survived such an ordeal. Lindsay does, ok with one or two mistakes I had to laugh at, but she manages.

Overall, a great little read, good for anyone really. Enjoy.