Sarai's Fortune

Sarai's Fortune - Abigail Owen This is one fast paced story that you most definitely will not want to put down. The second in Abigail’s Shadowcat Nation, having not previously read book 1, I was still able to connect with the characters and the story line. Others suggest that book 1 should be read first, however, as the story’s run straight on and there’s more character development.

I thoroughly enjoyed the originality of the shifter world, it was fascinating to imagine a whole different world and how it would fit with you and me. There are some explicit and violent scenes throughout the book, so I’d keep it away from the kids for the time being.

The characters are fairly well developed through out and so it was easy to connect with Sara and her relationship with Zac and George, really have to feel for George poor guy. Lots of twists and surprises will keep you hooked.

You’ll love this if your an adult. Enjoy

I received this book free in return for an honest review