The Siren's Realm

The Siren's Realm - Megan O'Russell Sadly I haven't had the pleasure of reading The Tethering, but I think I picked up the story easily enough in The Siren's Realm. Due to this, I had no idea how they where tethered, other than a rescue attempt, this did take me a little while to figure out. I believe this does stand alone extremely well, but is even better after reading the first book - I guess.

The story is well told, and at a very steady pace, neither too fast or slow. And the characters, are well thought out and developed. Sadly though I didn't really find the story line believable. Or Jacob come to that! Two teenagers, alone, tethered together, and only platonic? Come on we all know there is almost zero chance of that ever happening. Maybe I few might but it isn't the norm by a long shot.

Otherwise I thoroughly enjoyed the story and I'm looking forward to book 3.