Pilgrim - Terrence Atwood Pilgrim was a quicky read at just 147 pages, but it sure comes with one almighty Bang! I was getting excited and scared, sometimes simultaneously, and shouting at the characters to run. Well you know me by now, I always shout at books if they get me excited! If you where chased by Pilgrim, which is hell bent on killing you, wouldn’t you get excited or should I say frightened and run??

So anyway, Pilgrim is extremely fast paced, so you feel the excitement that much more, but not so fast that you can’t follow the story. As scary as it is, the story is believable, Terrence has really portrayed the environment very well indeed.

Of the characters, my favourite has to be Catherine, not only was she believable, you are able to identify with her. She is one clever, strong woman.

Anyway’s enjoy the story, you’ll love it I’m sure.