The War Prince

The War Prince: The Son of the Man - Adrian Castaneda

he premise of the War Prince is a good one, but sadly in this instance, was not well executed. Basically the story is that Anthony Cast is born alive only thanks to Adrian (an angel who guards heaven’s gates) gives him his own heart. Anthony is destined to have a new son, who will be Adrian reincarnated, he then has to protect him from evil until old enough to take back his role as an angel.

Sadly, I found getting through this book difficult, the writing is very poor, and needs a lot of editing. The characters are interesting and reasonably well-developed which made it easier for me to get to know them a little.

The story line itself felt rushed in some places and way to slow in others, I was a little confused about what was going on at times as things seemed to be a little muddled in places.

Overall, a great premise but some work is needed.

NB I Reveived this book free for an honest review