Never Waste Tears

Never Waste Tears - Gloria Zachgo Never Waste Tears from Gloria Zachgo is set during and after the American Civil War, and follows five people as they travel West to claim free land in Kansas. It starts with Nathan and Rebecca on the day the war started, they are both only children at this point so don't really know each other. Because he is the youngest, Nathan is left to take care of the family business and his mother.

When the war ends and his father comes home a changed man, he was against every thing Nathan had done and made Nathan unhappy, after marrying Rebecca they head West for a better life. While travelling they meet Carl and Hannah and decide to settle with them. But are they happy?

The book is written as diary entries from each of the main characters, which made it a little difficult to follow at times, but did provide some insight into the different ways people see things. I was fascinated in the history and learning how people lived during this period.