Here at the Gate

Here at the Gate - Christine   Campbell This is the second of Christine's books I have reviewed, having read Searching for Summer I had high hopes for this, I wasn't disappointed. Here at the gate is another book that you will not want to put down. The story eloquently portrays memory's: The loss of them and the journey of rediscovery. Love and acceptance and a little insight into Scotland's history.

This book is not fast paced, and deservedly so as that would spoil the enjoyment, instead it is paced at a good rate to really get absorbed in the plot. As you follow Mhairi through her journey of fear and hatred on to her final acceptance you feel and understand exactly how she felt, including the anger at the way the way her father and the 'system' treated her as a child!

As I said before in my review of Searching for Summer, Christine manages to write in such a way that you feel you are reading a biography. Excellent, can't wait for the next one.