The Water Travelers: Heir of the Unknown

The Water Travelers: Heir of the Unknown - Daniel Waltz, Susan Uttendorfsky, Anna Dodd Ever considered what it would be like to set foot on another planet, more advanced than our own or just different? My husband asks that question daily so I think I may have to give him this book.

The synopsis of this story is that there are 2 planets – Upitar and Earth. These 2 planets are joined by a series of water ways but only the people from Upitar are able to use these waterways to travel back and forth. Upitar is under threat from an unknown force whom his king believes to be a girl on Earth, so he sends his son Aaron to find and kill her. This is to be his final mission before taking his place as king.

Soon after Aaron arrives on Earth he see’s a young girl in her bedroom and decides his mission can hold for a short while, as he wanted to meet her. On meeting they strike up a strong friendship and Aaron forgets his mission for a few days….

But who is this girl? Why is Earth a threat to Upitar?

Because of Dan’s writing style it did find some passages a little boring, but don’t let this stop you, overall the book is well worth reading. Dan’s descriptive writing compares to no one I have read recently, he is clear and details every last detail so you can form a complete and accurate vision in your mind. I don’t see that kind of ability very often.