RAVENFEAST - Farewell to Legend

RAVENFEAST - Farewell to Legend - Alan Robert Lancaster This is a long book at 620 pages, and not for the faint of heart as I think it is a tough read. At times I found the story difficult to follow, and had some trouble trying to figure out which character was on Ivar’s side and who he was fighting.

If your looking for a book to really take your time over, and get your teeth into some interesting history then you will most definitely will enjoy this series.

Alan has portrayed the historical side of things, I believe as accurately as possible. You really feel that you are there alongside Ivar and his friends, both while fighting and during banter. The characters are well thought out and portrayed so as to be believablte. Especially when you read about some of the mischief they get into between fights.

Overall, a good read if you have the time, and one I would definitely enjoy on the bigscree