Two for the Heart (Stories in Pairs, Set 1)

Two for the Heart (Stories in Pairs, Set 1) - Ekta R. Garg Looking for a quick read for the commute to work? You won't go wrong the two for the heart. These are 2, loosely connected short stories that will make that long journey just fly past.

I found the stories extremely fast paced, and felt that some parts were skipped over so quickly, I didn't have a chance to really absorb them. In a way it's a shame Ekta decided to keep her stories short as I feel they left plenty of opportunity to extend the story and slow it down a little.

The characters, however, I felt where adequately built up, making them believable. I was able to sense the sorrow, confusion and fear. The ending of the second story wasn't really a shock (at least not to me) but I was still able to feel the power of the emotions.

Overall great little stories, but would have worked even better if a little longer.

Now here's a quiz:

How are the two stories connected?