E.V. & Rome

E.V. & Rome - Giorgina Liguori Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a teenager today? Or more likely, do you have a teenager that you just can’t understand? Well help is here with Giorgina’s E.V. & Rome. This is a short but well written account of a young guy and a young girl, throughout a year. The book tells us all about the trials and tribulations they face, and help us to understand the thought processes they go through while trying to assimilate all the new feelings they have.

Written in a diary style, alternating chapters between E.V. and her counterpart Rome. Although this does lead to some repetition, in this case, that is good as we see how each of them reacts in similar situations. As oldies (well me anyway) we can get an idea of how to help and support them.

This book is fictional but the Author informs us early on that every thing included really did happen. So it leads me to wonder, is E.V. the author? and who was Rome?