The Pleasure Principle

The Pleasure Principle - Kimberly Adkins The Pleasure Principle is by far the first book I have read, not just in this genre, but from this author. But I can promise you it will NOT be the last. If you enjoyed 50 Shades of Grey you will enjoy this.

Sexy throughout, making for a happy reprieve from a not so sexy marriage. The characters are all well developed and believable, making for an eye-opening read. Well for me at least. I could well believe a quiet, withdrawn character having a secret crush on her boss. Heck there must be loads of such people in the world. So I got very nervous when Alice got ready and walked into the club, and getting swept of her feet by not just one hunk but two, well that had the heart rate souring.

The book is well paced, keeping you eager to turn the page, so don’t plan an early night. And the ending, priceless!!

This is a book for adults, but whoever you are, this will be one ride you won’t want to get off. Enjoy!

NB I received this book free in return for an honest review.