At Death's Door (Freefall) (Volume 1) - Astrid V. Tallaksen

At Death’s Door is the first book in Astrid’s Freefall Series, I believe this is her first book ever. If that’s the case this new author is most definitely one to watch.

The story is very fast paced, and with each page being a true page turner, you’ll be excited to see what happens next. Although billed as a Fantasy/Paranormal book, you’ll find plenty of mystery and more than a spattering of suspense.

Astrid has developed her characters very well, making for a much more enjoyable read, and the way Sara is portrayed throughout all her fear, turmoil, confusion and anger is completely believable. Not sure I can believe all the story however, although it would be cool.

As I say for a first book, this is one awesome read that I believe anyone would enjoy!

Watch out for my review of Book 2, Between Heaven and Hell on the 22nd July, I can’t wait! Enjoy.

NB: I received this book free in return for an honest review