Shades of Gray - L.M. Pruitt

As the first in Pruitt’s Jude Magdalyn series, Shades of Gray is a well paced, engaging story of magic, vampires, love, and more. The story is well paced, not to slow or to fast, engaging you with every page turn. Yup this is another page turner that you won’t want to put down.

The characters are all well written and highly believable. Pruitt has taken time to build the characters to the extent that they seem real, her character development must be among the best I’ve seen for a while. You all know how I love to imaging I know them all well. You’ll also know that I like to be able to imagine the story is taking place just down the road, well this didn’t disappoint either.

Jude’s feelings are remarkably believable, her fear and confusion is very well portrayed. But what I loved most was watching her grow in her new, and very scary, role. And the romances… I’m not saying!

You’ll love it I’m sure. Enjoy.

NB I received this book free for an honest review