The Giggling Boy - RaLynn LoneWalker

Giggling Boy is one book that I can honestly say was a tough read. Not because of the story or the writing being  difficult to understand, but because of the subject. Ra Lynn has touched on some extremely taboo subject areas, including sodomy and pedophilia. I thought this was an extremely brave move, one that worked.


Ra Lynn has covered his subject tastefully, enough to make sure his message hits home, but not enough to be offensive. I liked how he alternated each chapter between the living child victim, while he was young and in the middle of the experience, alongside his now deceased abuser. In the abuser chapters, his journey of learning about how his behaviour affected his victims, along with the brutality of said training. I hope that was entirely fictitious, I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy!


The young victim, and his way of coping and even forgiving, is a lesson we all need to learn.


Overall, The Giggling Boy touches some difficult subject, but the lessons to be learned will benefit us all. Enjoy.


NB I received this book free for an honest review