Feast of Fates - Christian A. Brown

Feast of Fates is so much more than just a fantasy book, and with it's writing harping back to the old style. If that's  you're thing then you will enjoy this, Sadly for me, it isn't. The book is slow paced, to the point of rambling at times, making for confusion.

Although Morigan is a great character, I found it difficult at times to know what was going on. The location descriptions tended to be sparse if there at all, so I was unable to place myself in Morigan's shoes. If you regularly read my reviews, you will know that's a major issue for me.

I hate giving this such a low rating, especially as many others disagree with me, and thoroughly enjoyed the book. I can only offer my personal view. I would love to hear if you enjoy it and why, so why not leave me a comment?

In the meantime, here's a trailer and enjoy.